What is gochujang ?

Gochujan (also spelled kochuchang and gochuchang) is Korean hot paste condiment made in fermented miso.

You can find this You can find gochujang at Asian grocery stores which sells Korean food ingredients, but also you can cook with your self with all organic products.

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My secret handmade gochujang recipe
  • 500g (1lb) Shiro Miso (white miso)
  • 200g (7.05 oz) Sugar
  • 250ml soy sauce
  • 100g-130g (3.5 oz -4.5 oz ) red pepper powder
  1. mix all ingredients and paddle well with lower heat in the pot
  2. If 1 is boiled, stop heat and cool down. If they completely cool down, put in some plastic or glass container and keep refrigerator.
Container should be dry.
You can keep this pate about 6 month in refrigerator.
In New York, you can go to H-mart located in 32nd street between 5th and Broadway to get all ingredients. If you can't find it yourself, please ask.

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