Salad Girl

Happy Monday!
How was your weekend? We enjoyed beautiful weather with family at park!

Recently my 4 year old son loves helping me for dinner preparation. So We made and decorated salad together.

You can guess but here is ingredients.

  • romaine lettuce
  • yellow bell pepper
  • cherry tomato
  • carrot (I used cooked one)
  • slice cheese
  • nori sheet
  • cherry tomatoes
  • boiled egg (sliced)
  • cooked farfalle pasta (butterfly shaped)
  • ham
  • Your favorite dressing
  1. Cut all vegetable into bite size.
  2. Lay in romaine lettuce on picture above.
  3. Add cherry tomato, yellow bell pepper, sliced boiled egg, cooked farfalle pasta, and ham. (To make rose ham, you can refer rose carrot article.)
  4. Add slice cheese, and nori sheet, (I usde small scissor to cut for eye) and carrot.

Serve with this homemade delicious ginger dressing.

Happy cooking!


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