My son goes to Central Park Zoo for school field trip today.
He cried because I cannot go to school field trip with him. I feel so guilty but I made his favorite lunch! School asked us to bring disposal so simple and easy.
I hope he enjoy his trip.

I made disposal lunch for preschooler easy to eat outside.

This is what I packed for lunch.

  • meal ball sandwich:  I made with Slider Rolls with  meatball, lettuce. I added little eyes with slice cheese and nori sheet (sea weed) and wrapped with plastic. For cheek, I cut washi tape and stick on the plastic.
  • edamame and cherry tomato in snack zip-log bag
  • water bottle wrapped with little origami paper for his name tag
  • Gogo squeez apple sauce (apple cherry flovor)
  • 1 napkin
  • Wet towel with snack zip-log bag
  • fruit snack
  • rice cracker (his favorite snack)

I draw baymax in brown bag and packed all in the bag!!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!