This is another my son’s favorite dinner menu.
Chicken Katsu (Japanese chicken cutlets) originally came from ton katsu (Pork cutlets) and deep-fried.
I do not like to deep fly in weekday so I baked them, but still crunchy!!

Here is recipe and ingredients.

I used this recipe for Oven fried chicken katsu.
If you are looking for gluten free option, you can refer Non-fried Chicken Karaage ā€“ oven fried chicken or Non-fried crispy chicken.
If you like spicy flavor, this Seasoned fried chicken ā€“ yang nyeom (korean) fried chicken is great.

Ingredients for this plate:

  • rice
  • slice cheese
  • nori (seaweed)
  • cooked carrot
  • homemade kechup
  • chicken katsu
  • cherry tomato
  • sugar snap
  • lettuce
  • baked potatoes
  • vegetable miso potage soup