dairy free frozen Yogurt (just 2 ingredient)

We made this frozen yogurt with just 2 ingredient in last weekend and turn out so delicious!!
It is dairy and gluten free too!!

Do you want to know how we made this?

Best Dairy-Free Frozen yogurt (Just 2 Ingredient!!)
  • 2 large ripe banana
  • 6 oz So Delicious Single Serve Cultured Coconut Milk (or your favorite yogurt)
  • knife
  • cutting board
  • plastic wrap
  • food processor
  • Spatula
  1. Peel the bananas and wrap with plastic wrap.
  2. Freeze the bananas over night.
  3. Take our banana from freezer and cut them into bite size.
  4. Blend the frozen banana pieces and coconut yogurt in food processor (or blender) until banana will get smoother .
  5. Scrape down the food processor if necessary.
  6. Place it to your bowl and your frozen yogurt (ice cream) is ready to serve.
  7. Add your favorite fruit on top.

We decorated sliced orange, melting chocolate, and blueberries on the top.
My son does not like ice cream or yogurt but he loves this frozen yogurt so much.
This will be our favorite desert this summer for sure!!

Happy Tuesday.