Puppy Dinner Plate

My son loves “Paw Patrol” TV show from Nick Jr. He taught me all character’s (puppy’s) name but I cannot remember.
He asked me to make rice ball one of the character from Paw Partol.

Instead making the character, I made Puppy dinner plate. :)


  • home made Chicken and veggie curry – Curry powder, cumin powder, miso, soysauce, tomato paste, kelp (sea weed), dried shiitake mushroom, chicken, onion, carrot, potato, spinach, broccoli, arrow root
  • rice ball (here is basic rice ball tutorial)
  • hidden veggie ginger teriyaki meatball
  • sesame
  • carrot
  • nori sheet (sea weed)
  • green bean
  • strawberry

Happy cooking!