snowman rice burger

We had snow yesterday and my son really enjoyed making snow at park near us.
The winter snow storm predicted to be one of the worst ever hit New York City according to weather report but failed to deliver much of snow.
I feel lucky that snowstorm’s impact is less than expected and I enjoy time with my son all day.

Here is Healthy Snowman rice burger I made last night.
Instead of french fries, I prepared saute green beans with crunchy texture and served with homemade kechup!!

  • multigrain rice ball***
  • Nori sheet
  • slice cheese
  • cooked carrot
  • cooked beets
  • homemade kechup
  • green beans
  • Korean BBQ **



*** To make rice ball, please check How to make Snowman rice ball or Mickey and Minnie rice ball

**For korean BBQ sauce recipe is posted here