Baymax and spiderman Christmas Tree

My son Logan wrote letter to Santa yesterday morning and gave it to me.
I could not read his letter and asked him to read. He said;

“Dear Santa,
Please give all family Christmas Tree and Tree light!”

While he was spending with his grandparents yesterday, my husband and I got tree and decorated Big Hero 6- Baymax and Spider-man (both his favorite character) themed Christmas tree for surprise.

*Last year our Christmas tree theme was “Train”. here is our Train Themed Christmas Tree.

Here is How I decorate.

1. Christmas Tree Ornament

I prepared tree ornament with Felt in advace. Just cut them piece and glue the all part. I used Tacky Glue to put together all pieces and it works well.(No sew required and save my time.)

  • Baymax Tree top with Santa hat
  • Red Baymax ornament
  • Baymax ornament (White)
  • Spider-man ornament

Felt Baymax Christmas Tree Ornament

2. Under Tree

Big Hero 6- Baymax and Spider-man Christmas Tree - Under Tree

Big Hero 6- Baymax and Spider-man Christmas Tree – Under Tree

I thought it is not good idea putting present under tree. I am sure he will ask them to open everyday until Christmas, so I decided to put something else.
Instead of putting present , I wrapped empty box with wrapping paper, or big brown paper, then add window, door with scrap paper and washi tape. It looks like house or building and city!
I placed Baymax made with socks and Spiderman plush toy.