Superhero Dinner Plate

Recently I started to cook rice with grain since my son cannot digest brown rice well. (and he does not like it at all)
So I mixed 2 grain into white rice when I cook it this time. He did not know even I add them!!

Today was superhero themed dinner as he requested. So I made batman rice ball, broccoli ninja turtle, cherry tomato spider man!
Here is menu today.

  1. Batman rice ball
  • Cooked rice with pressed barley and Quinoa
  • Baked salmon inside of rice
  • Nori sheet (seaweed)
  • Salt, sesame oil
  1. Broccoli Ninja Turtle
  • steamed broccoli with grated garlic (lightly salted)
  • steamed carrot (lightly salted)
  • Nori sheet (seaweed)
  • slice cheese (White cheddar)
  1. Cherry tomato spider man
  • Cherry tomato
  • Nori sheet (seaweed)
  • slice cheese (White cheddar)
  1. Fresh corm with batman logo cheese.
  • Steamed fresh corn (lightly salted) — No GMO please!!
  • Nori sheet (seaweed)
  • slice cheese (cheddar)
  1. Energy boost chicken and veggie broth.
  • ginger
  • garlic
  • chicken bone
  • celery
  • carrot
  • daikon
  • scallion
  • nappa
  • miso, salt, pepper, toasted sesame oil

He is picky for vegetable but he usually like to have soup (without ingredients)!!
I try to add Miso, Gigner, garlic most of our soup to keep warm and to boost immune system.

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