Santa, Christmas Tree pinchos

Santa, Christmas Tree

It is already December and time to think about Christmas.

I made these 2 appetizer in last weekend and thought it is perfect appetizer for Christmas party.

Christmas Pinchos

  • Santa Pinchos: Cherry Tomatoes, Cream cheese, olive oil, Pickles, Black sesame
    1. Cut pickles 1-2 inch wide and place at bottom.
    2. Cherry tomato (for body): cut off cherry tomato at bottom and top to be flat.
    3. Cherry tomato (for hat): cut off cherry tomato at bottom to be flat.
    4. put olive oil on your hand and make round shape with cream cheese (you use 1-2 teaspoon amount depends on cherry tomato size)
    5. Skewer everything in order with toothpick and add black sesame
  • Christmas Tree Pinchos: Cucumber, pitted olive, Cheese (your favorite hard cheese)
    1. Cut cheese into bite size
    2. Peel cucumber with potato peeler Please refer how to peel cucumber.
    3. Skewer with toothpicks.

Christmas Appetizers 2

Rose prosciutto ham

Ingredients:prosciutto, Daikon, salt, Cream cheese, Cucumber(for ganish), Cherry Tomatoes (for ganish)

  1. Slice daikon very thin and sprinkle salt to make soft
  2. Place prosciutto on the bottom, and softened daikon, then add cream cheese on top.
  3. Roll them like sushi roll. Please refer this how to roll.

Our guest enjoyed appetizers and We had great time with them.

Thank you for visiting.