Yellow Car Sandwich Lunch Box

Today is his official last day to bring lunch box since they provide school lunch from next week.
I enjoyed making lunch boxes in this short time and I am sure I will miss this soon!!

My 4 year old son recently like to bring sandwich and he asked me sandwich again.
So I made car sandwich with Yellow kabocha squash loaf bread.

Here is ingredients I used.

  • 2 slice of  kabocha squash loaf bread  –I get bread from this bakery.
  • ham and cheese
  • cooked carrot
  • slice cheese (American cheddar and white cheddar)
  • slice ham
  • nori sheet
  • meat ball
  • cooked broccoli
  • cooked fresh corn
  • cherry tomatos

I wish I was able to make rice bento (lunch box) but I guess he enjoy sandwich this week (and last week of lunch box).

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