Korean Noodle Salad

I like to eat cold noodles when weather get warmer like today.

This cold noddle makes me appetite even hot and humid summer. I usually add various veggie as much as possible!


Here is recipe and ingredients for noodle.

I used rice noodle and marinate same sauce from this Chapche recipe (Noodles with Vegetables)(my previous blog site).

I saute veggie with sesame oil, salt, sesame seed, and pepper.

I used veggie this time
Kimchee , edamame, cherry tomato, corn, carrot, Japanese cucumber.

You can refer the following site for recipe how to cook veggie.
Kujolpan(Nine Section Appetizers)
Vegan Bi Bim Bop (Korean Mixed vegetables with rice)

For lion decoration, I used Corn, radish, carrot, nori, and red bell pepper.