The Easter holiday is just around the corner and it’s time to start planning.

I just put all together Easter and Spring inspired food that I made past.
I hope this will help you the idea.

Kid’s Friendly lunch idea

Easter Inspired food - Working Mom Cook Fusion

  1. Zucchini Fettuccine with baby chick rice ball lunch
  2. Ladybug Fried Rice
  3. Ladybug sandwich
  4. Drive-by Cherry Blossom lunch

Party dish idea

Easter inspired food idea - Working Mom Cook Fusion

  1. Tofu and vegetable meatball skewers with Korean BBQ sauce
  2. Salad for fairies
  3. Easter Salad
  4. Sunflower meatloaf cupcake

Desert idea
Easter inspired food - Working Mom Cook Fusion

  1. Bunny Fruit Tray
  2. Spring Brownie with Natural colored Frosting
  3. Easter Cupcake
  4. Easter Flower Basket Cake

Bento idea

Spring Inspired bento - Working Mom Cook Fusion

  1. Vegan lunch- shamrock with ladybug bento
  2. Support Japan Bento- Colorful teddy bear macaron rice
  3. Elmo Picnic lunch
  4. Cute lion flower bento for work

I hope you have wonderful Easter holiday.