Gaspard and Lisa

My 3 year old son loves to watch Gaspard and Lisa , one of Disney Junior show.
It seems like this is based on books by Anne Gutman and Georg Hallensleben and show follows the adventure six year-old best friends two puppies-Gaspard and Lisa (Though they looks like rabbit)!!

Horizontal Lead

Last Sunday he said, “Mommmy, Can you make Gaspard and Lisa for dinner tonight?” I am glad to make his request!!

This is his dinner from his request.

Gaspard and Lisa

Gaspard: 6year old black dog who wears a blue scarf. —-> I used sushi rice wrapped with Nori (edible seaweed, laver), cherry tomato, slice cheese, Cucumber for scarf. I cannot think any food for blue, so I used green.

Lisa: 6year old white dog who wears a red scarf. —> I used sushi rice, and Nori (edible seaweed, laver)

And he finished all rice ball and asked me another rice ball!!

Gaspard and Lisa

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