Train Themed Christmas Tree

This is our first Christmas Tree decoration. It is not gorgeous but I am so happy since my son loves this decoration.

My husband got Real Christmas Tree and I was thinking how to decorate my son’s first Christmas tree.
I know he loves train so I decided to decorate train theme.

I started looking for the ornament but I could not find a ornament that I was looking for. So I bought some felt fabric and decided to make them.
I cut felt with train shape and stitched them to ribbon (or you can use glue). I used my son’s small train or car for ornament beside basic round one.
Train garland

I also used Santa stuffed animal from his toy box for tree topper instead of using star or ribbon and added socks snowman I made near them.
Christmas Tree Topper

Under the Christmas Tree, I did not use Christmas tree skirt but I added Thomas train and truck around the tree.
Train Themed Christmas Tree

I did not added present under the tree because he still cannot wait to open them till Christmas day.

Merry Christmas!
Thank you for reading.