My son loves his Grandpa’s special meat sauce  and he always asked me to cook it.

So I cooked  his favorite meat sauce but I used ground chicken instead of ground pork.

Here is the recipe for Grandpa’s special meat sauce.

Also here is soboro (Minced Chicken with vegetable) recipe you can check.

Rudolph rice with meat sauce Rudolph rice with meat sauce Rudolph rice with meat sauce








  • Teddy bear soboro (Minced Chicken with vegetable) lunch [recipe]
  • Miss-Flavored Meat Sauce with vegetables over rice [recipe]
  • Very cute Minced Chicken and Vegetable Bowl (soboro don) [recipe]

For decoration Rudolph rice, I used cooked carrot, daikon (White Japanese radish), green pea, and cherry tomato.
You can use slices cheese instead of daikon. I used daikon since my son does not eat cheese recently.

I served with salad with cherry tomato Santa. This Santa is made from cherry tomato and grilled potato. You can use cheese if kids like it.

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