egan Shamrock with Ladybug Lunch

I started gluten free diet this week to relieve my symptom of Hashimoto’s disease (autoimmune disease)
I woke up early this morning and made this lunch box for myself today. This is perfect for spring!

How do I decorate shamrock and ladybug rice ball?

I mixed brown rice with Yukari furikake (dry Japanese condiment) and little bit beet puree. Beet make pretty pink color of rice without using any food color.
Made rice ball with this pretty pink rice first. I made three. On the rice ball, I placed 4 heart shaped snow pea. For ladybug, I used cherry tomato, black olive, Nori sheet, and soy slice cheese. I add round slice cheese on shamrock to cover cherry tomato.

Right side box: spinach Hamburg, bean salad, steamed sweet potatoes, edamame (soy beans), cherry tomato, slice of apple.


egan Shamrock with Ladybug Lunch