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Food Decoration idea for Kid's Christmas party

Food Decoration idea for Kid’s Christmas party

We set up play date at our place in last week. Since our guest will be away in Christmas season, I prepare kid’s friendly light meal with Christmas decoration.

Here is the menu

1)Santa Rice ball
I cooked takikomi gohan (Japanese rice dish seasoned with dashi and soy sauce along with vegetables, meat or fish.) and make rice ball. I used slice beets, slice cheese for hat, carrot for nose, kechup for cheek and nori sheet for eyes.

2) reindeer sandwich
I make tuna sandwich with multi grain bread.

3) Seasoned oven fried chicken
This was most popular dishes for boys. They loved and finished all chicken!! Here is the recipe.

3)Christmas Tree potato salad

Make your own potato salad or you can refer my recipe. decorate Christmas tree with snap peas and bell pepper

4)Fruit Tray with Strawberry Banana Santa



This is very easy fruit tray. You can just use cookie cutter for fruit and add Strawberry banana santa. Kids are loved this a lot. Click here for how to.


Happy Holidays!

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