We had Thomas Train birthday party for 2 boys. They just turned 2 year old in last week.

We decorate room and Thomas and Train for boys.

Here is what we prepared.














Percy (One of popular character from Thomas and Friend)

We did not user any food coloring or icing for this cake. We used Matcha (Green Tea) Roll Cake and Cocoa Roll Cake for Body, Oreo for train wheels, Butter Cookie for the face. Draw face with melting chocolate!!













Train sandwich (Cheese for windows, Ritz cheese crackers for train wheels), and Panda rice ball and Oven Fried Chicken on the train box made from loaf pan disposable.


















Handmade Thomas cardboard box cars. Face is made by paper plate.












Thomas play mat with Thomas train and cars.









And Thomas paper craft!!
You can download printable Thomas paper craft from here!


Kids had great time and parents had fun preparing.