Have you ever seen movie My Neighbor Totoro?
Totoro is character in “My Neighbor Totoro“, an animated film made in Japan.
It is looks like cross between a raccoon and an owl and very cute.

I made Totoro bun for my son in last weekend.
Here is the step to make Totoro bun.

How to make Totoro bun (sandwich)
Kid's Lunch
  • 1 bun
  • Potato salad (or your favorite ingredients for sandwich)
  • Nori sheet
  • 1 Bread crusts
  • 2 pasta noodle Fried
  • mayonnaise
  1. Cut bun into half.
  2. Takeout white part with spoon and fill them with potato salad.
  3. Cut slice cheese 2 set of small rouhnd shape for eyes. and cut slice cheese as picture shown for belly.
  4. stick each part of slice cheese using mayonnaise
  5. Cut nori small round shape for eyes with nori punch. If you do not have nori cutter, use small scissor to cut small shape.
  6. Cut nori small strips with scissor and place on the slice cheese.
  7. Cut nori 2 triangle shapes for nose. Use mayonnaise to stick them
  8. Cut Bread crusts shape of ears.
  9. make a small slit in on the top of bun with scissor and attach crust into bun
  10. attach fried noodle on the bun for beard. (3 noodles in each side)