This is my son’s breakfast on Sunday.

This is easy, simple and cute penguin sandwich for your kids. You can make your penguin sandwich with your kid’s favorite ingredients such as jam, peanut butter, cream cheese, etc.


Penguin tuna salad sandwich
Kid's Lunch
1 kid
  • tuna salad (mix with canned tuna, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, minced cucumber)
  • 1 whole wheat slice bread
  • 1 unbleached white slice bread
  • 2 slice white chedder cheese
  • 1 slice chedder cheese
  • nori
  • 2 different size of round shape cookie cutter (or you can use lids)
  • nori cutter
  • small round shape cutter for eyes or you can use toothpick to cut cheese.
  1. prepare 2 large round shape of whole wheat bread
  2. prepare 1 small round shape of white bread
  3. cut 1 of round shape of whole wheat bread using same cookie cutter userd in step 2.

  4. spread tuna salad on the bread and place white and whole wheat bread.
  5. cut arm part from whole wheat bread with scissor and place them on the bread with mayonnaise.
  6. prepare 2 round shape white cheddar cheese for penguin's eye and ellipse shape chedder cheese for nose. also cut nori for eys. if you do not have cookie cutter or round shape cutter, you can cut slice cheese using your toothpick.
  7. add all parts on the sandwich and make your own penguin sandwich.