My son really like cheese now even he does not like milk at all. I added his favorite cheese on his sandwich.

This is sandwich I make for him in last week


Here is the recipe for ladybug sandwich.


ladybug sandwich
Kid's lunch
  • 2 slice whole wheat slice bread
  • 8 green bean steamed
  • egg salad or tuna salad or your favorite ingredients for sandwich
  • 2 yellow slice cheese (I used Kraft Singles American)
  • 1 white chedder slice cheese (I used Kraft Singles White American)
  • ⅛ red bell pepper
  • nori
  1. Prepare 4 round shape slice bread
  2. Add steamed green bean for legs
  3. Cover with slice bread on the top
  4. Cut yellow slice cheese as picture shown below.
  5. place on the top of the bread and add hole with cutter.
  6. Cut12 round shape of red bell pepper add them in the holes.
  7. Add eye white slice cheese and nori.