I introduce this panda rice ball for who do not have any cookie cutter or nori cutters to make cute lunch box.
This is easiest rice ball when you do not have time too.


Here is the recipe how to make panda rice ball.



  • 1/2 bowl cooked rice
  • 2 tablespoon grilled salmon minced (or your favorite ingredient)
  • 1 slice cooked carrot
  • 1 uncooked spaghetti noodle
  • 8 steamed or cooked black bean.

1. Make 2 rice ball for face and body. For face make ellipse shape, for body round. It will be cuter when you make body rice ball smaller than face part.









2. Prepare black bean for face and body parts.







  • ears, hands, feets – use black bean as it is. You need 6 beans for 1 panda.
  • eyes– cut 1 black bean longitudinally
  • nose– cut 1 black bean transversely



3. place all parts using uncooked noodle.