Hi I am back from my vacation. I had wonderful time with my family in Japan. I also enjoyed hanami (Cherry Blossom viewing) as well.

This lunch is inpired spring and cherry blosson from my Japan trip. I made car with bun since my son loves playing car.

I do not have lot of picture in step but here is the recipe.


Drive-by Cherry Blossom lunch
kids lunch
  • bun
  • potato salad (or your faborite ingredients)
  • ham
  • cheese
  • nori
  • carrot
  • uncooked spagetti (pasta)
  1. Cut but as picture shown below
  2. add the potato salad on the bun
  3. Here is the each parts
buns face (bear): round shape slice cheese and nori
[driver (rabbit):ham for face, slice cheese for nose, nori for eyes
[tire:carrot and slice chesse
[wheel:slice cheese nori, black bean (side)
[wheel:slice cheese nori, black bean (side)