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My son started picky for the food very recently. He used eat rice, but he does not eat rice at all.
I remember he like hayashi rice (Japanese style Japanese tomato stew) .
I just make pretty rice ball on the stew.  He played with baby chick’s hat (egg white) and throw away when I was not looking at him, but he alsmot finished rest of meal.

Here is the how I cooked this rice ball.

baby chick rice ball on hayashi rice
  • Hayashi rice or curry, any stew
  • ½ bowl rice (your favorite rice)
  • 1 boiled egg
face parts
  • eys-Nori, and nori punch
  • mouth-cooked carrot
  • cheeks-Kechup
  • garnish -Tomatos, vegetables for )
  • mayonaise or paste to stick part for mouth
  1. Cut boiled egg white as shown in the photo below.
  2. Mix rice and egg york and pinch of salt.
  3. make small rice ball.
  4. place egg white on the rice ball and place the parts. Use mayonaise or uncooked pasta to stick.
  5. In the plate, pour the hayashi rice stew on the bottom and place baby chick rice ball on them.
  6. add tomatos, vegetables rest of area to entertain your kids.