Do you like impress guest?  You can serve disposable chopsticks with holder made in Origami.

I use origami chopstick holder (wrap)  for my guest. You can use Christmas wrapping paper for your Christmas party.

Would you like to know how to hold this?

Origami size: 15 cm (6 inch) x 15 cm (6 inch)

Start with a square origami paper color side down.
Fold in half horizontally, crease well and unfold. Now fold both the top and bottom edges to the center. Crease well and unfold.






Fold 1/4 inch wide one outward (mountain fold  ) the right side







      Fold the top right  corner to meet the upper crease (not the center crease):







  Fold the top left corner to meet the center crease.







     Fold the left side in half horizontally as shown in photo.







       Fold the left side to 3/4 point of the paper again.







        Fold left side.







               Just fold about 1/2 inch over on the bottom.  It’s best to use glue or double-sided tape for this so that our chopsticks or pens don’t fall out of the wrapper!