Origami Crane Wreath

This year I cannot enjoy decorating Christmas tree since my one year old son is jumping around in all over the place now.  I am very afraid he will get hurt with Christmas decoration.  So instead having Christmas tree, I made Christmas decoration with origami paper. This is safe for little kids and I can enjoy to create those.

I made crane wreath this time since the origami crane is a symbol of peace.

Here is the instructions.

Prepare 8 square papers (origami or your favorite wrapping paper)

It starts with the base of the water pump.

Fold the ends down.


Fold again, but this time inside, reversing the previous fold.

Repeat on other side.

Fold the sides inward.

Repeat on other side.

Make the base of the fold crane (Ttsuru).

Turn the tabs to the left.

Fold the sides inward. Repeat on other side.

Fold the little head of the crane.

Fold the tip up.

The piece is ready! Make same thing 8 piece.

To join the two is only you find the bottom of the belly of another one.

Fold the edges inward, sliding them into the pockets at the top of the piece

It’ll be so behind.

Now just add more parts 6.


Enjoy your Christmas decorations!!