Do you keep plastic grocery bag? I think lot of mom save them, but it take a room.

Fold them into little packs. It’s easy, it’s efficient, it’s trendy, and saving lot of space.. You can even put them into your bag to carry.

How to fold a plastic bag into a triangle?

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1.Smooth out a plastic grocery bag.

2.  Fold it in one third lengthwise and squashing out the air.

3. Fold the bottom corner up to form a small triangle.

4. Fold the bottom again keeping the triangular shape.

5. Repeat folding until only a small segment of the grocery bag handle is left

6. After you get to the bag handles and not have enough length to make another fold. Take this end bit and tuck it into the inside of the last fold, which should be obvious as a flap pocket right next to the leftover ends.

7. Press down to flatten and you’re done!